Cargo Services

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Cargo Services

KK Express provides cargo services for delivering all your small & heavier consignments, We find you the most economical way to move your shipment within the given time frame, These all services we provide through by Air, Road or Rail, We can move from small to heavy cargo shipments, industrial goods, commercial goods, factory goods, exhibition material & event materials and we have the resources like vehicles, manpower, and equipment to handle the same, Our experienced team knows transport routes and timings like the back of their hand, and will help you make the best choice on the service you require.

We provide Domestic cargo service by Air Cargo, Rail Cargo & Road cargo for metro cities & all over in India, We undertake statutory documentation and comply with all freight formalities, starting from Origin till the Destination of the Cargo to ensure you a Hassle Free & Smooth transit & Single Solutions for all your requirements.

Our Products

Proof of Delivery:

You need to know if your consignment has been delivered to the right hands and we make sure you do. In addition to verifying the recipient’s identity and obtaining proof through signature, we also offer you the option of receiving a real-time picture of the recipient on receipt of delivery.

Freight on Delivery (F.O.D)/ Topay

Freight charges can be collected from the consignee at the time of delivery.

KK Air Express

Assured next day delivery for all metro cities & 2nd/3rd Business day delivery for major cities in India.

KK Express provides Express air services which is specially designed for your urgent and important courier and cargo shipment, when you need extra speed, extra features and extra care for a shipment whether it is important documents or urgent cargo shipment, you can also track all your shipments on our website and we will also give you pod copy on your request, we have a separate dedicated operation team and customer support team to monitor all express shipments and deliver on time.

KK Air Standard

KK Express provide air standard service when you do not need Express courier and cargo delivery services of your shipment, ie express service mode is not necessary, but it is necessary to send through air mode and reach within a certain time period, then you can do that KK air standard mode service so that you do not have to pay express service charges and your shipments delivery on time as your suitable requirement.

KK Surface Express

KK Express provides Express surface services, when you need urgent delivery for your shipments in surface mode you can choose KK Surface Express, which is operate direct connections to metro cities and major cities in India, we have separate express division for Express surface cargo movement and our team forward all your urgent cargo same day through our own vehicle and rail cargo, we have a separate dedicated operation team and customer support team to monitor all express shipments and deliver on time, you can also track your consignment’s instant position through our website.

KK Surface Standard

KK Express provides surface standard service for your heavy and bulk cargo shipments, KK Express understand very well that today in this competitive market logistic cost is becomes very important in every single business which directly affects your business, KK Express as your logistic partner always be focusing on the lowest logistic cost with quality service, we understand that if the logistic cost is reduced than you can take more advantage in your business from others, you can make more profit in your business & grow your business & create more business volumes.